My First Freelance Job!

Last week I received my first free lance contract for the Toronto 3D printing company Selftraits. They’re opening up a second location on Queen St. and wanted to cover the large storefront windows until it’s ready in December but also wanted to attract the interest of people walking by (it’s a very busy location) with something a little bit more eye catching than newspaper.

They knew that they wanted a red balloon backdrop (they saw something along these lines on pinterest) with white THIN (don’t ask me why) writing because those are the company colours – and it needed to include a “coming soon” tagline, their website, instagram, and hashtags.

I worked from 3:30pm-1:30am that night and learned A LOT:

  1. It’s extremely hard to write backwards
  2. Drawing straight lines on a window is also difficult
  3. Window markers wipe off easily (great for mistakes, not so great for that perfect line you just finished)
  4. Having 2 other people and a hand pump to help blow up balloons is definitely necessary.
  5. If you don’t want someone looking over your shoulder and changing the final design as you’re drawing it… make sure the 2 people helping aren’t your client.

Overall I am really proud of my first gig and hope for many more learning experiences to come 🙂



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