Frank – Menu Design


Assignment – Redesign the logo and menu for FRANK (restaurant at AGO)

For this assignment I chose to look further into Frank Gehry’s sketching style. His preliminary sketches have a messy layered appearance and I wanted to bring that aesthetic into the design. Although not as messy, I drew an outline of Toronto, scanned it into Illustrator and then duplicated it on the covers of the menus to give it that layered sketch appearance. I chose to depict Toronto because I feel that it is important to emphasize that this is not some national restaurant franchise – it is local and resides solely in Toronto.

When researching color schemes, I learned that the color red is used most frequently for depicting food, therefor would be extremely suitable and eye catching in a restaurant. White, black and grey are also used as supplementary colors throughout the menu. The design itself is already extremely busy, so limiting the color scheme to one bold color helped to not overwhelm the menu.

The logo itself is a thin outline of a 3D font, making it look draft/architectural. I think this emphasizes the name and the personality/history behind Frank Gehry.

Keeping the fonts clean and crisp inside the menu was very important to me. The outside is very busy so keeping the inside minimal allowed for maximum legibility. The customer can focus on the text alone, allowing the food and descriptions to stand out on their own. I also placed a single layer of the Toronto drawing on the inside as to add a little bit of aesthetic interest – I did not want to leave it with a plain white background.

The off-white colored menu will be used for lunch, the red for dinner, and the black for wine. I didn’t feel it was necessary to write this on the fronts of the menu because keeping the text content minimal on such a busy cover is important. I feel that the colors make visual sense in relation to subject. The lightest menu for lunch because the sun is still up, a red for dinner because it’s contains the largest portions (for the hungriest color) and a dark menu for wine because you would usually have that late. These are all also very easily to establish quickly with a hostess, she can grab a menu quickly based on color, and not have to read the front first.



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