Packaging Assignment

For my last Illustrator assignment I chose to design new packaging for Powerful Yogurt a greek yogurt protein drink catering towards men. After doing some research, I found an article about: Grocery stores targeting male shoppers (click the link to read) and the tactics they use. The writer also describes how the typical male shops so I used this information to begin my design. I wanted to play on the classic 6-pack of beer for multiple reasons:

  1. It would increase my chances of catching the hasty male shopper’s eye
  2. It’s humorous
  3. It’s way easier to carry then the other competing bulk yogurt packaging
  4. Their slogan is “find your inner abs”, aka… A 6 pack for your 6 pack

I kept the design a simple yet bold black, staying true to the Powerful Yogurt colours but also eye catching with it’s bold lettering. I drew out a vector of the flavour at top right and put the nutritional information on the side. I also repeated the logo on both sides so that no matter what way the packaging is displayed, you will always know the brand. The other side has a small blurb about powerful yogurt as they are a fairly new company. It also includes contact details and social media links as they have a strong internet presence.

I had a fair amount of struggles throughout this process that I overcame. The first being to find a template for a 6 pack that I could work off of. After I drew out a final template in Illustrator it became easier to place things where I wanted them. Printing something so large however, could not be done on the class printer unfortunately, it would involve way too much piecing together. I ended up printing somewhere else for my prototype. The amount of black ink also makes for an interesting assembly process, it feels like it’s never going to be dry.

Overall I am very pleased with my design. I think that it will catch anyone’s eye in a grocery store, especially since it will be in the yogurt section. This could be packaging that the brand would be known for in the future; like Pringles or Toblerone – each having their own unique design. Attached are all of my sketches and thoughts leading up to the design along with the final design and mockups.


One thought on “Packaging Assignment

  1. Megan, you’ve managed to develop a package design that adheres to the fundamentals of packaging as well as creating an aesthetically pleasing product package design. Your design brief and process work show a great amount of detail and reflects in the final product. Great job with the background information on the company and outlining your design concepts through sketch compositions. I would definitely consider this to be a portfolio piece for your final presentation.



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